Monday, September 3, 2007



Runescape is a online game in which you can do quests, slay monsters, mine objects such as gold, tin, steal and the best rune ore.
You can go out into the wilderness and kill other players, or you can talk to other people and add them to youre clan.

There are thousends of items which you can get such as wepons armour or bowls.
You can choose to be a farmer and grow youre own crop
Be a miner and mine ore to sell or to smith
A smither in which you can make wepons for youre self or to sell.
A crafter and make jewrelly to sell or enchant it to make it help you with youre skills.
But to do all this stuff you have to get youre skills up to get youre skills up just do the same thing over and over again pretty quickly youre skills will be high.
If you want you can become a member which costs real money $9 or something like that a month, but being a member is well woth it as you can pickpocket guards use superior wepons and plenty of other exciting things.

I have played runescape for 13 years and the thing i like is that they always come out with new and exciting things to keep you and youre whole family entertained.

You can also join in huge wars like this one.

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